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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a bunch of answers to questions that occasionally pop up. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to give us a call. 773.532.0420

Q. What type of Payment methods does A Solution Plumbing provide?!

A. We accept all major credit cards, personal checks, cash, and be sure to ask for our special financing arrangements.

Q. What areas does A Solution Sewer & Water service?!

A. We cover all of the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs (50 Mile Radius From The city).

Q. How often should I get my sewer maintenance?!

A. It is recommended once a year, but in our companies opinion and knowledge we recommend every two years, depending on the conditioning of the sewer. Televising sewer confirms the proper prediction for sewer maintenance.

Q. Is there any free estimates on arrival ?!

A. Yes, but only during normal business hours (8AM-4PM), and any appointments after hours ,becomes a service trip charge.

Q. what type of equipment do we use to clear drains?

A. A solution Plumbing technician will choose the proper equipment for drain cleaning, based on location of drain or drains within the home or business and the possible reason of clog. Our hydro jetting service has 4,000 lbs of psi (water pressure) that cleanses and liquifies any grease or sewage build up. It is definitely today's technology of drain cleaning.

Q.How do I setup a p.d.p (Private Drain Program-Chicago Only)

A. In order to schedule a p.d.p, a solution sewer & plumbing must contact the city of Chicago sewer permit dept. & schedule an inspection (appointment) with a city inspector. It usually takes 24-48 Hours for the city to schedule a time and date.

Q. Why is there water coming up from my floor drains in my basement or lower level?!

A. Your main sewer drain (from the house to the city main) maybe be clogged or obstructed that's not allowing waste water to leave home or business. Sewer rodding would have to be taken place in order to get water draining and flowing properly , then eventually televising sewer to confirm that there is nothing greater than a simple blockage.

Q. Does A solution Plumbing offer any type of warranty?!

A. Yes we do, typically there Is always manufacturers warranty (Usually 1 year) on any products we install. Plumbing repairs are anywhere from 30-365 days of warranty on installations and 10 year warranties on any sewer repairs .

Q. Why does my toilet continue to run non- stop?!

A. Indicates that the flush valve system in your toilet tank is not seating properly and water is leaking from the tank and into the bowl. This could be the result of the lift chain being tangled, faulty flapper or a problem with the flush valve itself.

Q. I have poor water pressure at my kitchen faucet?!

A. Try removing the faucet aerator at the end of the spout and cleaning the screen of any rust and debris. The faucet aerator is designed to diffuse the water to prevent splashing , but it can become clogged over time.

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